1904 early attempt to start CA
1930s Original team to au 1931
1930s hop picking ministry TAS
1930s I Johnsons ministry FNQ
1930s opening of new centre newcastle
1930s seaside mission
1930s CA sisters missionvan
1930s CAA founder JS Cowland
1930s gathering
1930s I Johnson ministry
1930s I Johnson with E.Gribble
1930s I Johnson Leper colony near palm island
1930s Kalgoorlie
1930s Missionvan before branding
1930s Missionvan
1930s seaside mission
1930s staff and students
1934 first commissioning
1934 training college
1937 Missionvan
1938 CA founder
1940s Muriel Stanley in Yarrabah
1940s kath jones mogumber late 1940s
1940s kath jones mogumber
1940s missioninvite A
1940s missioninvite B
1940s Muriel Stanley in Yarrabah
1940s Muriel Stanley Yarrabah
1940s students A
1940s students B
1942 hospitality tent ww2
1944 training college
1947 a lantern van in action
1949 Allan Polgen
1949 Emma Polgen
1949 indigenous students
1949 indigenous students
1950s mission B
1950s mission C
1950s mission in the 50s
1950s commissioning of lantern van
1950s ND
1951 Norman Polgen
1952 Yarrabah
1952 notes on 60th ann of yarrabah
1959 staff conference
1959 students newcastle
1959 Arthur Malcolm
1960 CA Mission
1960 Neil Payne
1960s Graham Frizzell
1960s indigenous students
1960s Macrobb and Polgen
1960s mission team
1960s Aurth M
1960s Croyden campus
1960s Croyden college B
1960s Croyden college
1960s Dick Gwilt ND late 60s
1960s Doug Quayle industrial chaplain
1960s Indigenous staff and students
1960s Macrobb mission
1960s mobile mission to aborigines A
1960s mobile mission to aborigines B
1960s mobile mission to aborigines C
1960s Pat Free B
1960s Pat Free D
1960s Pat Free F
1962 students and staff
1965 Connie McDonalds ministry to SW WA
1965 promo
1965 Connie Mcdonald
1968 move to Belrose_B
1970s Belrose campus
1970s Chris Theile
1970s Ron Griffins
1970s buttery B
1970s buttery
1970s Chris Theile late 70s
1970s David Hinchcliff
1970s John Mcknight
1970s lecture 1970s
1970s Lyn Bullard Forbes C
1970s ND Dick Gwilt
1970s Pat Free in ministry
1970s Rex Harris and chns choir 1970s
1971 students
1972 CA supporters evening
1972 students
1973 students
1974 staff conference
1975 Brian Mattinson
1975 Brian Mattinson with bookshop staff
1976 staff conference
1976 students
1978 B opening of bookshop
1978 bookshop
1978 C opening of bookshop
1979 students
1980 mission to Sawtell
1980s Bishop Arthur and Colleen Malcolm
1980s Doug Quayle industrial chaplain
1980s Gilbert Page on vacant block at Belrose
1980s Graeme MacRobb lecturing
1980s Guy Davidson late 80s
1980s Kevin Cullen with Brian Mattinson
1980s Lu Piper
1980s Lyn Bullard and Sabina Fontani on mission
1980s Christine Bradbury early 80s
1980s David Woodyard early 80s
1980s Doug Quayle AO
1980s Geoff Falkenmire lecturer in 80s
1980s Gilbert Page Kevin Cullen Lyn Bullard
1980s Jan Syme TAS
1980s Jenny Read
1980s Pat Quayle industrial chaplain
1980s student body at lunch
1981 students
1982 Brian Mattinson with founders William Hoare
1983 students with founders
1984 students
1986 Michael Lazarus at Dingley
1986 students
1987 Conrad Parsons van ministry
1988 Charles Hume Andrew Mallas Conrad Parsons
1988 Lyn Bullard and Sabina Fontani
1988 Wal Spencer at black stump
1989 Bishop Arthur with Rev John Capper
1989 Bruce Ollington Jon Martin
1989 Commissioning
1989 Janette Farley and Gai Atwell
1989 students A
1989 students
1990 Christine Pattison
1990 staff conference
1990s Peter Hewitt and John Stanley
1990s John Capper
1991 commissioning
1992 John Capper lecturing B
1992 students A
1992 students B
1993 commissioning A
1993 commissioning B
1993 students
1994 students
1999 students
2000s Elva Murgha Johnson
2003 Doug and Pat Quayle
2003 Jack Harradine